• Pour Over Coffee

    In pour over brewing, hot water is poured slowly over coffee grounds in concentric circles, which allows for a more even extraction process. The resulting cup of coffee offers intense flavor while still maintaining a "cleaner" mouth feel with more nuanced tasting notes available in the cup.

  • French Press

    The French press involves steeping coarse coffee grounds for 4-6 minutes in vessel of hot water, then straining the coffee using a mesh plunger. This method is a great introduction to making better coffee at home, as it's very forgiving. Coffee from a French Press is heavier bodied, tends be smoother, sweeter, and adds some "chewiness" to your brew.

  • Espresso

    Espresso is brewed under high pressure, usually 9 bars,
    which results in a tiny concentrated shot (~30-40ml) of coffee that’s packs a punch. Described as velvety, intense, sweet & intense; it’s the only brewing method that creates Crema (foam on top).  Due to it's strength, many opt to use espresso as the foundation of other mixed drinks, diluting it with hot water, ice or adding foamed milk to create lattes or cappuccinos.

Enthusiast Gear & Equipment

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The barrier of entry to making Café quality coffee doesn't have to be high. In fact, with a little practice, fresh ingredients and the proper tools, you can have amazing cups from the comfort of your home. Get started by diving into our "learn" section, for free brewing guides, drink recipes and the origin stories of our coffee.

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Ethical Sourcing

Coffee is, more often than not, grown in developing nations and area's where large conglomerates operate with questionable ethics. As roasters, we are diligent with our Coffee's quality, traceability and the ethical compliance of the operations we source from.

All of our coffees are certified Specialty Grade, meaning they represent the top 4% of global coffee market in regards to quality, taste, ethical production and innovation. We provide our producers a fair market premium, meaning we pay 2-3x more than the typical commodity price for coffee in order to provide living wages. Not only does our specialty coffee provide sufficient pay to workers across the supply chain, the additional funds produce a higher quality coffee, through better technology, agricultural practices and standards for quality control.

While the additional funds provide greater security & opportunity for coffee farmers, our partnered Canadian importers personally vet these operations; ensuring healthy working conditions and to assess the quality of their harvests.


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