• Pour Over Coffee

    In pour over brewing, hot water is poured slowly over coffee grounds in concentric circle, which allows for a more even extraction process. The resulting cup of coffee is simultaneously rich, clean and bright, with a higher extraction and no sediment. If you’re looking for clarity with more distinct aromatics, sugars, and acids;

    pour-over is unmatched.

  • French Press

    French press coffee, is a manual brewing method that involves steeping coarse coffee grounds for 4-6 minutes in hot water, then straining the coffee using a mesh plunger. This method is a great introduction to better coffee that produces bold, thick and smooth flavour in an affordable way. Coffee from a French Press tends to be sweet, one dimensional and better suited for medium to dark roasted coffees.

  • Espresso

    Espresso is brewed under high pressure, usually 9 bars,
    which results in a highly concentrated shot of coffee that’s packs a punch. The tasting experience is described as velvety, smooth, full bodied & powerful; it’s the only brewing method that creates Crema.  Many opt to tone down the intensity by adding steamed milk to create lattes, cappuccinos, cortados & flat whites.

The Right Tools

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Bring the Craft of Coffee Home

The barrier of entry to making cafe quality coffee doesn't have to be high. In fact, with a little practice, fresh ingredients and the proper tools, you can make a Coffee that exceeds those expectations. Get started by diving deeper with our free online articles, brew recipes and videos.

Are you a small business looking to upgrade your coffee experience or want to collaborate? Introduce yourself through a Wholesale Inquiry!

Our Sourcing

Coffee is, more often than not, grown in developing nations and area's where large conglomerants operate with questionable ethics. As roasters, we have to be diligent with our Coffee's traceability, the ethics of the farms & exporting cooperatives we work with, aswell as our partnered importers.

All of our coffee is purchased either direct from farms via a representative or cooperatives that operate under the FAIRTRADE label. In both scenarios, producers are provided with a Fairtrade Premium or a similar fixed rate that is well above Coffee's commodity price.

While the additional funds provide some security for Farmers, our partnered Canadian importers also personally vet these operation, ensuring healthy working conditions and to assess quality of seasonal harvests.

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