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Mexico - Sierra Madre De Chiapas

Mexico - Sierra Madre De Chiapas

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Mexico's coffee scene has been making waves in recent years, particularly with the exceptional coffees coming out of the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.  A rich and balanced dark roast with a mellow finish, the has chocolatey savory sweet notes and a lower acidity. The slower roast profile applied to this coffee produces heavier mouthfeel, more sweetness and a balanced texture.

Coffee Origin

This coffee is sourced from small family-run farming operations residing in the most southern state of Chiapas, Mexico . In the southwestern part of the state, the Sierra Madre Mountain Range offers higher elevations, cooler temperatures and volcanic soil that contribute to this coffee's chocolate forward characteristics.

Here, the family owned & operated farms take great-pride in their careful processing methods, using their own micro-mill to de-pulp, ferment, and dry the coffee seeds. While many of these farms run off very small plots of land, often less than 10 hectares, they are compensated at a much higher  rate in exchange for better tasting coffees.

*The Chiapas is best enjoyed on a batch brewer, Aeropress or espresso machine, we recommend adjusting your grind a few steps coarser for ideal results.

  • "Gotta say the Oaxaca coffee has been such a treat, from taste to Aroma - I love it and my friends love it!"

    Sally D ▪ Calgary, Alberta

  • "There's no reason for me to buy any other Coffee, it's consistent and the customer service is always great."

    Kevin R ▪ Calgary, Alberta

  • "They look great! Also the new Mexican roast is fantastic."

    Nathan J ▪ Calgary, Alberta

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  • Ethically sourced from smallholder farms.

    We partner with talented Canadian direct importers to bring us the finest specialty coffee from around the globe. Our coffee comes from small holder farms & cooperatives that are paid a equitable market premium for their work. Allowing them to have a living wage, healthy working conditions, opportunity to innovate and improve their agricultural practices.

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