Our Story | Hammer & Chip Coffee

Hammer & Chip's origin story traces back to 2016 when owner, David Pierce, set out to re-create the unconventional, deliciously balanced fruit-forward coffees he'd experienced at his local third wave shop in college.

His first foray into coffee roasting consisted of a cheap air popcorn maker, a book on coffee roasting and a couple pounds of green coffee purchased upon request from the back of a small Ethiopian grocery store. 

Two insights came from this experiment:

1.) He was reminded of the indescribable satisfaction one experience when creating by hand

2.) Coffee Roasting was far more complex and messy then he could have ever have anticipated, and was therefore a challenge worth pursuing. 


Coffee is passed between seven hands before you receive it, from the farm to your cup. We love doing this because it allows us to witness all that effort come to fruition.

The aim is to share that experience with you, whether that be the thrill of exploring the breadth of coffee producing regions and roasting styles, or introducing you to the craft of brewing at home.

Our belief is that coffee should be rewarding, approachable, and representative of the entire value chain, from the farm to your cup.

We started this venture officially in 2020 to build that, by small batch roasting in our garage and sharing our creations with friends and family. Now as "professional" roasters, we partner exclusively with buyer and farming operations, we continue to meticulously roast our batches by hand and scrutinize every iteration in the cup until it meets our quality control standards.


Hammer & Chip remains a small scale operation as just about everything is done by hand, from the: roasting, blending, packaging, and artwork.

Producing more frequently in smaller batches allows us to maintain a higher degree of freshness, quality control, customer service and diversity of product that would otherwise not be possible from larger operations. 

Every roast is formulated in accordance to the coffee’s origin, seasonality, processing method, cultivar, moisture content and density to achieve the intended tasting experience.


Our unroasted coffee (green coffee) comes from small holder farms & cooperatives primarily in Central & South America. We partner will small Canadian importers, develop direct relations with coffee farmer's, ensuring equitable compensation and that our supply chains are entirely tracible. 

 All of our Coffee producers are paid at a Specialty Market Premium, a market rate well above coffee's commodity price and our supply chains are tracible.