The French Press is Ancient...


French Presses may appear a bit antiquated, and that’s because they are! The first iteration was patented in 1853 by a French metalsmith and merchant, Henri-Otto Mayer and Jacques-Victor Delforge, although it never achieved mass production. The contemporary design emerged in the 1920s thanks to Italian designers, Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta and its appearance hasn’t changed much since – or at least until recently, Weber Workshop's BIRD Brewer reimagines the device entirely.

Why consider a French Press?

Texture and Flavour

The magic of the French Press lies in immersion brewing. Coffee grounds steep in hot water, resulting in a full-bodied cup with a smooth texture. Unlike paper filters, the mesh screen allows for more flavorful oils, polyphenols, and fine particles to pass through, creating a unique "mouthfeel" some describe as "chewy." Immersion brewing also tends to dampen more potent acidity and astringency, but some folks enjoy the former.


Simple, Durable, Eco-Friendly

The beauty of the French Press lies in its simplicity, they can be had for as little $5.00 and often last a lifetime. Plus, there is no need to replace wasteful paper filters – they require coarsely ground coffee, hot water, and a few minutes of time.

 Every rose has it's thorns...

The French Delivers More... Including the Bad

Proponents of the French Press rave about its ability to capture the full spectrum of a coffee's flavor profile. While true, you equally extract more of the bitter elements such as burnt plant matter and diterpenes (oils linked to increased LDL cholesterol).

It's a B*tch To Clean

Let's be honest, cleaning a French Press isn't always pleasant. Those deep and delicates carafes, compacted coffee grounds and messy fines can test your patience. Hand washing and rinsing can be a hassle, if cleaning is a deal breaker,  I would encourage you to look at folks over at Capra Press who have developed an easier solution. (Bonus - they' re a Canadian Company!)

So, should you get a French Press?

Absolutely! It's an affordable way to explore the world of specialty coffee and discover unique flavor profiles. Just be aware of the cleaning aspect and the potential for a slightly "grittier" cup compared to some other brewing methods.

Ready to Brew? A Quick Guide

The comprehensive guide to better French Press Brewing!


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