Are you local? Can I visit the Roastery?

Yes, we are local to the City of Calgary and also operate in the Town of Canmore! Our roasting occurs in a shared production space in the SE of part of the city, to book an appointment to view the space, please drop us a message here.

Where can I find your Coffee?

Great news! We offer free, guaranteed, 3-day delivery with any online order to the residents of the City of Calgary.

If online shopping is not your thing, we get it! For a full list of retailers and info regarding future pop-up markets, please refer to our Partners Page.

Are your Coffees considered Fairtrade?

If by Fairtrade you are referring to socially responsible buying practices, such as: purchasing coffee at well above market prices, creating financial security for farmers, collaborating with the local economy and elevating community’s standard of living; then yes, we are fair trade.

Our green, unroasted coffee is purchased with specialty-market premiums, rates that are well above coffee’s commodity price that are negotiated to support the needs of each producer. These additional funds can be used towards paying higher wages, purchasing new equipment, income diversification or to develop better tasting coffee.

Beyond that, the majority of the cooperatives and collectives we work with operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. They consist of several small holder farms that grow coffee in its natural environment, often in an agroforestry context that looks entirely different from large scale monocrop agriculture.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any forced or child labor, our buyers vet our sources thoroughly and have begun building direct relations with some of our producer to cut out any middlemen.

Do you offer a wholesale, office coffee or fundraising program?

It would be an absolute honor to work with you or your organization through our Coffee Program. We offer wholesale pricing on our entire lineup, access to a full suite of discounted café supplies, commercial equipment & maintenance, catering, and options for private or benefit labelling.

Please send us a brief description of your business or charities goals and we will tailor a solution to meet and exceed them by filling out this application:

Coffee Program Application

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