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Hammer & Chip Coffee

Timemore C2 Manual Grinder

Timemore C2 Manual Grinder

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Manual Grinding With Ease

Timemore's C2 transforms the once laborious task of hand-grinding coffee into an effortless, portable experience. Coffee enthusiasts know the critical role grind uniformity plays in flavor, and the C2 excels in consistently delivering delicious coffee.


Perfect for two cups, this grinder has a large 25g capacity and utilizes machined stainless-steel burrs that grind your coffee within seconds. It's fully adjustable, with 36 grind settings, the C2 can grind everything from a coarse French Press grind to a powdery fine for Stovetop Espresso.Timemore's C2 is an excellent introductory grinder because of its incredible versatility, durable aluminum body and top-notch grind quality.


Pour Over


Batch Brew


French Press




Moka (Stovetop Espresso) ☆☆☆☆☆
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  • Free local delivery anywhere in the City.

    Your coffee's will arrive at your doorstep within 1-3 business days with a freshness guarantee! Select local delivery at checkout for any Calgary based address to receive this offer.

  • Ethically sourced from smallholder farms.

    We partner with talented Canadian direct importers to bring us the finest specialty coffee from around the globe. Our coffee comes from small holder farms & cooperatives that are paid a equitable market premium for their work. Allowing them to have a living wage, healthy working conditions and create opportunities for entrepreneurship.

  • Roasted by humans in Calgary, Alberta.

    Everything is done in house: from the roasting, to the blending, packaging & fulfillment. This allows us to maintain a level of consistency and quality control that is unmatched by larger operations, if you have problem with your order we will fix it!