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Pink Bourbon - Competition Grade

Pink Bourbon - Competition Grade

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The Bourbon Varietal

Pink Bourbon, a rare varietal recognized for its subtle pink tone, elevated sugar content, silky mouthfeel, and lemonade-like acidity. Cultivating this delicate coffee demands a pristine microclimate, robust protection against disease, and separation from other crops to prevent cross-pollination—factors that restrict the annual supply of this exceptional coffee.

For 2024, we're stoked to present this micro lot, it showcases the extraordinary range of distinct cup profiles made possible Colombia’s diverse regions and terroirs. The result is a harmonious balance of intricate sweetness, florals, and malic acid notes of strawberry and banana, all embraced by a pleasantly silky mouthfeel—an enticing and limited offering.


The Farm Of Origin

Nestled in the heart of Vereda Montelivano within the Palestina Municipality of Huila Department, Finca El Mirador is a hidden gem under the stewardship of Mrs. Maria Eugenia Ramirez. This estate sits in the southwest region of Colombia, surrounded by beauty of the Andean landscape: flourishing coffee fields, stunning vistas and epic mountain ranges. 

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