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Ethiopia Zelalem - Single Origin (Seasonal)

Ethiopia Zelalem - Single Origin (Seasonal)

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Sweet, Citrusy and Floral, this coffee from the Sidama Region is a limited release you won’t want to miss. A delicate filter coffee that balances approachability with distinct taste, it’s an ideal introduction to Ethiopia’s vast coffee portfolio. Unlike most high elevation African Coffees, this landrace varietal has relatively moderate acidity with forward notes of wafer, honey, and black tea.

As roasters, we tend to enjoy coffees that offer a sufficient amount of novelty while ensuring it’s unintrusive to the average coffee-drinker’s palate. The Ethiopian from Zelalem PLC is one we can recommend to anyone intrigued by a single origin or terroir-driven experience.

Coffee Origin

Slowly matured on a plateau at 1800 meters above sea level, this coffee originates from a collection of small-holder farmers that have been producing coffee in a traditional way for generations. Facilitated by Canadian importer Apex Imports, these producers are rewarded for high quality, terroir-driven coffees through specialty market premium pricing that allows them to enjoy a living wage.

Our recommended brewing recipe is 20 grams per 280 ml of water at a 1:14 ratio. For optimal results, enjoy this coffee through filtered brewing methods such as pour over, Aeropress and batch-brew for a high clarity cup.

  • "Gotta say the Oaxaca coffee has been such a treat, from taste to Aroma - I love it and my friends love it!"

    Sally D ▪ Calgary, Alberta

  • "There's no reason for me to buy any other Coffee, it's consistent and the customer service is always great."

    Kevin R ▪ Calgary, Alberta

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    Nathan J ▪ Calgary, Alberta

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  • Ethically sourced from responsible farming operations

    We partner with talented Canadian direct importers to bring us the finest specialty coffee from around the globe. Our coffee comes from small holder farms & cooperatives that are paid a equitable market premium for their work. Allowing them to have a living wage, healthy working conditions, opportunity to innovate and improve their agricultural practices.

  • Proudly roasted in Calgary, Alberta

    Everything is done in house: from the roasting, to the blending, packaging & fulfillment. This allows us to maintain a level of consistency and quality control that is unmatched by larger operations, if you have problem with your order we will fix it!