Let's Point You In The Right Direction

Finding that next coffee is a little like being at a trailhead with multiple
paths, except in this scenario you are hiking mount delicious. Some trails are
mellow, approachable and require very little effort, while others have great
scenery but require some experience and technical gear to get right.

A general rule of thumb is that lighter roasts tend be less conventional in
flavour, have more pleasant acidity, sweetness, and a lighter mouthfeel. We
recommend these roasts for folks who enjoy filter brewing or those spending a
little extra time getting their grind & water ratio dialed in. Medium to
light roasted coffee can make superb espresso, but you'll need to be a little
more strategic and well equipped.

Conversely, darker roasts tend to be more familiar to the Canadian palate,
with immediate notes of chocolate, nuts and a heavier feel or body. On this end
of the spectrum, the coffees are more forgiving and are more suited for the
average home or stovetop espresso setup. For filter, a coarse grind and your
typical dose for your home coffee pot will work just fine.


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